If your garden has different levels, or if it is located on a slope, there is a simple solution: the outdoor staircase. It is actually an essential element to take in consideration to be able to get from a level to another.  However there are rules for building such a staircase that are different from an internal staircase. The outdoor staircase can be built on the ground or be an independent element as the spiral staircase.


1. The height of your stairs The first thing to consider is the height of the steps. Indeed, the outdoor staircase’s steps must be lower than inside. If in houses and apartments, it is recommended a 17 centimeters height for each step, for the outdoor staircase a 12 centimeters height is preferred. Anyway, it is better to not exceed 15 cm, at least 2 cm shorter that the indoor staircase.


2. The depth of your stairs Note that the depth of each steps also counts. They must be larger than the indoor staircase to allow visitors to stop on the staircase to admire the garden while and climbing or going down your staircase. We can think of a 35 to 40 centimeters of depth for each steps.




 3. Width of the staircase

In case you have a big outdoor space, a wide staircase is the best solution to allow visitors to move around you outdoor space easily. A meter and a half is ideal.


 4. Rainwater evacuation While building your staircase by yourself, don’t forget to thing about the rainwater evacuation. You should make a slope of at least 1 cm for each step to not have stagnant water.


5. Materials Anyone with some good tools and practicality can build an outdoor staircase, as the design is less technical than an indoor staircase. As a building material base the concrete is majorly used because it is stable, sturdy and resistant. However wood logs are also quiet current.




6. Different stages of construction In case you have decided to build up a staircase by yourself, it is necessary to first trace the contours of your future staircase, define exactly how deep the earth will be removed and then well calculate the measure of each step. Next, with the help of the shovel you will create the shape of your staircase to give its basic structure. Before adding the concrete structure, it is important to solidify the soil with compact sand or a layer of concrete poured over a level of stones.


Here is a great example of a large outdoor staircase created by the interior designer Nathalie Vingot Mei located in Provence, France. Expert in interior design for individuals and professionals, Nathalie's team assist their clients from the purchase of the property, furniture and decoration accessories to tips on how to choose wall colors. Nathalie Vingot Mei brings personalized and unique decorating ideas.