When choosing and assembling a spiral staircase in your home, which in addition to combining different levels of an apartment also gives a personal touch to the furnishing, it’s very important to have the correct measurements. After reading the “Four golden rules of choosing spiral staircases”, discover the spiral staircases available for online purchase on FontanotShop, customized also with online configurator on Fontanot website.


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Measure Floor to Floor Height

The first thing you have to do before you can choose the best spiral staircase for your home is measure distances in a correct way. To avoid incorrect measurements that inevitably result in not quite getting it right, it`s very important to take the measurement from the starting floor up to the top of the next floor, while also taking into account the thickness of the floor.


Stairwell Width

Measure the space you have available to install the spiral staircase in and remember to consider doors, windows, radiators and other architectural structures. It would be a shame to no longer be able to enjoy the beautiful view from your window that you forgot to take into account and becomes blocked by the staircase as a result.


Size of the Hole

If the hole for your spiral staircase is round, you will need to measure the diameter, and for other forms, calculate the length of all sides. If the calculation is so complex that you think you might need a CEPU teacher, you may want to consider redoing your opening instead.


spiral staircase


Type of Hole

One thing must be clear: Always use spiral staircases for round openings. The winding stairs goes well where there is a direct arrival to the floor, for square holes, rectangular and a “L”. For more information see the Magia stairs, designed for do-it-yourself who don’t want to compromise on the elegant Fontanot style.