The doors are open: Milano welcomes My Place, Fontanot’s laboratory of ideas in the bustling heart of Porta Nuova, Milan’s up and coming urban area.

“Come to my place” was a phrase used to mean “come to my house”: something you say casually to friends when you want to welcome them with a sense of pride into your own home.




And it is exactly what Fontanot has done and will continue to do, as of Wednesday, April 15th, when it opened the doors of My Place, its own new Milanese home, in via Marco Polo 9. The area is the most dynamic of the Lombard capital, Porta Nuova: a true heart that beats to the rhythm of international design evolution, that is giving life to architectural masterpieces like Bosco Verticale and Isozaki Tower.

In these projects, Fontanot has contributed its own products and its own expertise with the Contract division and the creation of customized stairs being the most modern flagships of the company. My Place has exactly this ambition: to become the point of reference for International Contract projects in Milan. Here, Fontanot will meet designers, architects and contractors interested in comparing and discussing new ideas and projects to create synergy and to bring design to a new level of excellence.





The inauguration of the space brought about a great deal of enthusiasm: here are some extracts from the visionary and design-driven minds that participated in the press conference on April 10th. “My Place is not a showroom: it’s a home, our Milanese home.” – Laura Fontanot, Communications Manager.

“Come in to a workshop that welcomes artists: here at My Place we welcome designers and architects to make connections and personalize every single project” – Benoit Di Franco, Head of Contract.

“Presso is a format, an interactive concept store where it’s prohibited not to touch. We had already been collaborating with Fontanot for the past two years: Laura saw the potential of the sharing space when many others still didn’t understand what we were doing” – Claudio Garosci, CEO di Presso Kook Sharing.




But we at Fontanot aren’t just serious professionals that take care of every detail of the design and production of our stairs: we’re also a family, a solid and passionate team... and as such, we wanted to celebrate the inauguration of our new “home” with an exclusive party!

For the project, it goes without saying that we thank Presso Kook Sharing, a splendid organization with whom we got to share not only the space, but also the philosophy of business, and all the partners that had a hand in the great success of this party. In particular, a huge thank you to UFUUD and their wonderful food that allowed us to taste fabulous delicacies throughout the evening: the excellence of Italian design combined with the marvellous excellence of Italian food!